Rush down to Ambleside for festival weekend

The perfect location for a traditional festival, Ambleside is the place to be this Saturday July 7th for the annual Rushbearing Festival.

The Ambleside Rushbearing Festival is reported to have taken place as early as 1835 with the first photographic evidence from that of the 1891 event. As with so many of the traditional shows in the South Lakes, the event is one for the whole family with plenty to see and do and always some refreshments along the way with community spirit more than showcased.

Alongside the procession will be children’s entertainment and sports as well as what is such a popular activity in Ambleside, a junior fell race. Residents and business owners alike come out in full force and the forecast is looking great so it is anticipated to be a very full town!

ambleside lake district
A true summer, community event in Ambleside in the heart of the Lake District

For those who are new to the rushbearing tradition, it originated hundreds of years ago being the ancient custom of replacing the rushes on the floors of churches each year. Rushes, or sweet smelling grasses to elaborate further, are now collected from locations such as the lakeshore of Lake Windermere to create highly decorated items carried through the procession decorated with a variety of mosses, flowers and embellishments.

Although not everyone will be familiar with the rushbearing tradition, it doesn’t matter as it is yet another way for the community to get together and to include visitors alike.
It is a free to watch and attend event so if you’re staying in Ambleside already then it is well worth spectating. There are still a small number of rooms available in the town for the weekend of which Rothay Garth B&B on Rothay Road, Ambleside is one of them. Complete with freshly cooked breakfast and a large car park it is an excellent base for the weekend.