Responsible Cumbria hotels from farm to food to fork

As in our previous post relating to The Langdale Hotel, the Westmorland Hotel (or Tebay Services Hotel as it is now known as) supports the Fix the Fells scheme through guest donations and also supports the Red Squirrels Northern England too.

The Tebay Services Hotel responsibility to the Cumbrian land is really quite special and different to any other Cumbria or Lake District hotel. The founders of the Westmorland Family, which compromises Tebay Services, Tebay Services hotel, now the Gloucester services and Cairn Lodge in Scotland, all started off as the farming family, the Dunning’s. Their love of the land and commitment to sustaining and preserving it continues with the same values it did when it was just a farm at Orton.

tebay motorway services hotel cumbria
This “just a farm” though is still vital and a huge part of Tebay Services and the Hotel providing a great deal of the meat in the farm shops, café and hotel restaurant. Being the first butcher’s counter on the motorway and still being one of the main reasons why so many people choose to make even specific detours to the services. Butchering the meat in house and from just down the road means food miles are kept to an absolute minimum. In the hotel, even a number of the beverages at the bar are local so also keeping transportation to a minimum.

Above all, this is sustainable produce that is truly delicious and that people really want and love, what could be better for the Cumbria and the environment?

Reda more abut the responsible tourism practices of the Tebay Services Hotel in Cumbria here,